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Do you want to help alleviate poverty and injustice in the world? We're searching an experienced CEO/Managing Director to join Tearfund in this mission.

Job description CEO/Managing Director

As CEO / Managing Director you have responsibility for the day-to-day management of Tearfund, and the successful implementation of its programs and activities. You guarantee Tearfund’s Christian distinctiveness and vitality is maintained and nurtured. Tearfund’s unique vision and contribution to reducing poverty and addressing injustice is clearly and compellingly articulated, both internally and externally, in a way that inspires staff, attracts new supporters, and mobilizes existing supporters. You aspire to be an influential leader, developing and inspiring your team members and supporters to grow and keep with the organizational mission. As CEO / Managing Director you see to it that Tearfund's reputation and relationships are strategically grown, to enable collaborations and advance Tearfund's charitable objectives. You have a team which is proud to work for Tearfund and use resources wisely to maximize effect for its charitable objectives. Important stakeholders and objectives are both managed carefully as CEO / Managing Director, to ensure low risks and a good reputation. You develop the skills and experience of the Executive Team and other staff to ensure that all responsibilities above are well executed and provided.

The focus as CEO / Managing Director in the coming period will be to:

  • Provide stable, predictable and effective general management of the organization, drawing on the skills and experience of the Executive Team and wider leadership group;
  • Unite and inspire staff around Tearfund’s unique contribution to alleviating poverty and addressing injustice, promote internal clarity, focus and cohesion around this;
  • Build Tearfund’s profile, reputation and support in the Netherlands, among existing and new churches, Christians, companies, foundations, and government contacts - through a compelling and daring articulation of Tearfund’s vision, and through influencing and advocacy aligned to that vision;
  • Influence and lead in networks and collaborations of Dutch peer organizations, the global family of Tearfund organizations, Integral Alliance and other forums;
  • Maintain a clear organizational focus on delivering positive impact through Tearfund’s international program, both long term community development and humanitarian response.

Profile of the Managing Director CEO/Managing Director

The essential features of the CEO / Managing Director are that she/he:

  • Has a vibrant, personal connection to Tearfund’s identity, which is visible in his or her life, work, motivations, actions and speech;
  • Is deeply committed to Integral Mission, believing that the church everywhere is called to promote justice and human flourishing in every dimension of life, which is truly ‘good news to the poor’ (Luke 4:18). She/he is committed to maintaining Tearfund’s central focus on Integral Mission, and to publicly promoting this as Tearfund’s distinctive contribution;
  • Is a respected professional and proven relationship-builder, who can therefore:
    • Inspire staff and mobilize supporters (existing and new), based on Tearfund’s vision and positive impact;
    • Influence and lead in networks and collaborations of Dutch peer organizations, the global family of Tearfund organizations, Integral Alliance, and other forums.
  • Has proven management success at the executive-level, in an organization of similar size and complexity as Tearfund. This would ideally be at the level of CEO / Managing Director, but could be at Executive Team level in a larger organization.
    This success must include:
    • Shaping organizational strategy, structures, processes, culture, and focus to maximize organizational effectiveness;
    • Managing effectively as part of an Executive Team and wider leadership group, by developing and empowering others to lead in areas that she/he has less experience or capacity.
  • Has professional awareness of international development practice and issues
  • Is fluent in:
    • English, and
    • Dutch (or committed to achieving fluency during their first year in the role)

Highly desirable features of the CEO / Managing Director include being a gifted public communicator. Another highly desirable feature would be having experience working on the programmatic side of international development and/or humanitarian response.
We desire the CEO / Managing Director to have a strong understanding and network of relationships in the Dutch Christian landscape, across multiple denominations. With that you bring good knowledge of religious socio-geographic trends (“de kerkelijke kaart”) of the Netherlands and of Tearfund’s current and potential supporter base in particular. It would also be desirable if you have successful experience of influencing high-profile stakeholders such as government, politicians, and Institutional funders (either directly, or as part of an organization she/he has led).

Tearfund values diversity and inclusion, and takes this into account in all its recruitment processes.

Organization profile

Tearfund Netherlands (Tearfund) alleviates poverty around the world by ‘doing justice together’ with supporters, churches, Christian non-governmental organizations, and local communities. We believe that the root cause of poverty is the broken relationships we each have - with God, self, others, and creation. These broken relationships cause injustice in communities and global systems, preventing people from flourishing to their full potential. For this reason, churches are key partners of Tearfund. We work with the local and global church, supporting and engaging them, if and where needed, to bring about restoration of relationships to produce holistic transformation. We believe that churches are called to serve people in need, they have a unique and influential role within the civil society and are present in many villages and neighborhoods around the world. This is our unique contribution among Dutch international aid organizations.

Tearfund Netherlands is headquartered in Utrecht and has ca. 50 employees. The annual budget in 2022 will be ca. €20 million, the majority of which will be spent on development projects and humanitarian aid around the world.

Compensation CEO/Managing Director

Tearfund offers a competitive package of employment conditions, appropriate to the sector and identity of the organization.

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