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The level of positions we deal with as well as their related seniority require a thoughtful selection of recruitment methods. First of all, it is important to be as targeted and personalised as possible in our approach. This can happen through the use of relevant networks. We have a range of various industry- and specialism-based contacts, so as a result we have many eligible candidates.

The trademark of our approach is confidentiality and personal contact. Focused advertisements can be used to support the search process if the search area is broad or considerations about public notice obligations play a role. We always advise our client on the most suitable form(s) of recruitment processes and tools.

Search & Selection Approach

We clearly identify, together with our clients, what their key needs and wants are. Using this analysis as a guideline we make up a clear and differentiating profile. The necessary competencies are key in compiling this.

We search for the right candidate in a systematised process through identifying and directly approaching candidates. We generally make selections based on criteria-focused interviews. Our approach guarantees that we introduce a shortlist of candidates whom we can vouch for: we know them personally and we know what their reputation in the labour market is. It is standard in our procedure that we monitor and guide the conversations between the client and candidates, we give advice where necessary and deal with all the administrative aspects. This gives our clients complete freedom to focus on selecting the right candidate for their organisation.

In an atmosphere of confidentiality candidates can show themselves as they really are. We discuss their ambitions and wishes. There is specific space for reflection and for any possible uncertainties. We advise objectively and with integrity what career steps are most suitable on the long run.

We often are already acquainted to the candidates or we connect with them through our network. Of course it is also possible for candidates to get in touch with us. In many cases we will contact them to plan a personal interview.

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