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Hoek Consultants offers a wide range of interrelated, specialist professional services. These various services may be deployed either separately or in a logically interconnected manner. The key focus is always on managing the Human Capital of your organisation. Human Capital does not appear on the balance sheet, but it is nevertheless an important asset in each organisation. That's why many employers rely on the solid and extensive expertise of specialist agencies such as Hoek Consultants

We take a different view on the individual and organisations. We stand for results, thorough craftsmanship and real involvement with both client and candidate.

Here is an overview of our services:

Gerlach Jacobs, Global Head Transaction Services ING Commercial Banking

"I was introduced to Frans in 2013 and he has been a great support in analyzing and advising me on the dynamics in my management team. He also acted as my personal coach through this process. I have to admit that I have always had my reservations on coaching projects, but Frans has “crushed” my bias. It was fascinating and sometimes “frightening” to see how Frans picks up signals and gets right to your true concerns."

Director International SSC
"Timing is everything… I met Frans Hoek at the right time in my career and was able to identify and discuss my challenges. Frans has showed me how to address them and gave me the opportunity to take the right decisions to continue on a path to greater success both personally and professionally. I can really recommend working with Frans to everyone who needs professional reflection."

Dick Vlasblom, Managing Director Eimskip NL BV
“For several years Frans Hoek has been coaching me in my function as Managing Director of an international organisation. Frans is exceptional . He helps my performance by acting as a mirror and allowing me to to truly understand how I am functioning in my job. He has also assisted in the reorganization of our company. Due to his universal coaching skills, Frans can translate management theory into practice. This makes Frans and Hoek Consultants unique."
Cees Endhoven, HR Director WestlandUtrecht Bank
"Hoek Consultants was contracted to help assist in the execution of our Stratigic HR plan, which was necessary when our bank, WestlandUtrecht, transitioned into an independently operating Nederlandse bank: fully aligning the business with the future. Further, Hoek assisted us in serving as a sparring partner as we brought our plans into practice. Hoek Consultants helped with Coaching and Outplacement within WestlandUtrecht Bank on the individual level as well as on team level."
Bas Ambachtsheer, Director Croonwolter & Dros

"Hoek Consultants is a professional company that needs few words of introduction. Hoek Consultants always responds with professionalism, even during very busy times when it is a challenge to find the time to think. The preparation of candidates is very good and their interviews with potential candidates are always very thorough which allows for a much better understanding. In this regard, Hoek Consultants thinks along with you, often thinking beyond what you initially had in mind, which is a huge bonus. I can recommend Hoek Consultants to anyone in search of professionalism, personal attention and swift assistance."

Ronald Kajuiter, HR Adviseur-/ Manager Enrichment Technology

"Peter is a strong and contemplative business consultant. He goes above and beyond just completing a task and brings all the background and success factors into play. He uses his extensive knowledge of business to ask keen questions that get to the heart of a situation, which greatly increases the chance of success. Peter spends quality time with the candidates to ensure a good match. He is very thorough and doesn’t hesitate when it comes to deciding whether or not a candidate continues through the process or not. All in all a strong partner for many organizations."

Diederik Brand , Head of HR Samsung Electronics Europe Logistics

"For a rapidly growing company such as Samsung, with its own specific culture, compatible management is a must in order to achieve our Vision 2020 goal. Maarten Putz proved himself a strong partner when it came to putting personal coaching programs into place for several of our leaders within Samsung Electronics Europe Logistics. The Vision 2020 goal: ‘Inspire the world, create the future’ has come a step closer.”

Perry Heijne, CEO Care Nederland
"After working successfully for 30 years in a stable and secure job in the business sector, it was very difficult to make the decision to choose a new job in the humanitarian sector. As of the first of September 2014 I am the new CEO of CARE Nederland. The onboarding program has made sure that this was not just a jump into the unknown but rather a mission that I have full confidence in and I am prepared to make this a big success!"
Ans Knape, VP HR Operations & Sales ASML

"For 10 years Frans Hoek has been a trustworthy and stable partner in the area of executive search and coaching. The skill with which he works in this challenging field is amazing as is the change which occurs in the individual he is coaching. The words of Lao Tzu come to mind here: ‘When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” That is what Frans Hoek helps you to achieve!"

Hans Huijbers, Chairman ZLTO
“As a leader, you need information in order to make the right decisions. Here is where knowledgeable assistance is a must. Sometimes a leader needs ‘off the record’ advice from an objective third party; someone who can listen and hold up a mirror to allow us to better understand how we are performing.”
Hans van 't Hof, HR Director Pelican Rouge
"I have known Hoek Consultants a long time. They helped us by organizing a powerful content management session. They have also coached our managers and helped with outplacement during reorganization. Contact with Hoek Consultants is open, professional and practical. Our managers found the coaching invaluable."
Stefan Wasser, Director HR Arriva Nederland
"When trying to determine someone’s management potential you need to go beyond his or her qualifications, education and experience. With Hoek Consultants, you know that the perfect match will fit not only requested qualifications but also align with the function’s mission, the future team and the organization’s culture. Through open dialog with the client, Hoek Consultants is able to deliver the most competent candidate for the position. That is why I have done business with Hoek Consultants since the mid 1990’s and it has been twenty particularly enjoyable years!"
Commercial Director
“Make no mistake, you are not unique’ were the first words that the mirror spoke to me during my first meeting with Frans. I left the appointment one illusion poorer but one experience richer. Building a family, making and losing friends, gaining and losing colleagues, losing family members and working hard internationally for twenty years caused me to forget myself and those around me. Within just a few meetings, Frans helped me to see myself in a new light. Frans and I understood each other. Through our conversations, I have been able to learn more about myself and my surroundings than I have ever been able to before. Through a direct and pleasant way of communicating my motives, goals, weaknesses, idiosyncrasies and strengths were quickly and clearly uncovered. I came face to face with myself and waved goodbye to the old me as I became more than what I was. I feel great! Life is too short to worry.."
Tine Warnaar, HR Advisor QPI Group
"The QPI Group has worked very happily with Chris Lemmens for years. Chris is a man with integrity. His openness and fresh outlook allows him to introduce new ideas respectfully. Unlike any other, Chris is able to help people understand their own worth. He understands and appreciates the job he does. QPI recommends Christ wholeheartedly."
Director Internal Audit
"Our first contact began with one phone call from Frans asking me if I was satisfied with my job. Although our relationship is professional, Frans knows how to keep things personal. In an industry where everything is business, Frans’ personal touch sets him apart from the rest."
Robert J.F. Swensson, Commercial Manager Aequor
"I know Peter as a strong and hardworking man. He has a clear vision of how he can get the best out of the people that he coaches. He invites people to think with him and is open to everyone. He remains focused on the work at hand and is results-oriented when it comes to achieving the specified goals. He is the perfect coach; with his can-do attitude he makes people believe that they can succeed."
Han Koning
"I experienced the mediation Hoek Consultants conducted as professional, powerful and quick-witted. After the first meeting they knew the right person to place in the right position within the company. A personal touch in combination with taking the time when it is needed makes Hoek Consultants the right partner for me now and in the future! I would certainly recommend them to every professional."
Freek Bosse, Head of HR BASF Nederland B.V.
"My experience with Hoek Consultants lies in the area of Executive Searching and individual coaching. Distinctive to their approach to each case is their professionalism and integrity, which are essential to their outstanding results. Throughout this process focus remains on people."
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