Individual Outplacement

Every organisation is subject to changes, also to changes in its human capital. This could imply inevitable layoffs, or that one or more employees are forced to resign. Professional guidance of the employee in such cases is almost imperative. Hoek Consultants has extensive experience in guiding outplacement processes. By offering an outplacement process to the employee you give them a great opportunity to further their career successfully.

In the actual outplacement process the following issues usually come to the fore: 

  •  Strictly personal guidance and psychological support in learning how to come to terms with the termination of one’s employment. Restoring self-confidence is crucial here.
  •  A Talent & Motivation Analysis: it comprises a detailed analysis of one’s knowledge, talents, skills and motivations, personal traits and circumstances. Our Talent Scan is different from other methods of analysis (i.e. classical psychological tests) as it structurally assesses all aspects of the employee, for example: talents and drives, behaviour, interests, cognitive capacities and competences. This also includes an extensive report and explanation on the Talent Motivation Analysis (4 hours). If necessary a full psychological assessment can take place. All of this is done to provoke profound self-analysis in the outplacement candidate.
  • Mapping wishes, expectations and self-imposed limitations. In conjunction with the above this leads to formulating clear professional goals, taking into consideration desired positions as well as organisations that have a culture which suits the candidate best.

Flexible Collective Outplacement

We see that in practice not all people appreciate a long-term outplacement track, in which people can get used to a new working environment through plenty of coaching and conversations over a period of 6 months. Hoek Consultants has created a Flexible Collective Outplacement track in conjunction with existing relations, which has been successfully deployed in a variety of cases.

The following will be included on the agenda in the flexible collective outplacement process:

  • A comprehensive, interactive collective workshop.
  • Individual Talent Motivation Analysis with extensive reports and feedback on results (4 hours).
  • Optionally extra coaching lessons can be planned, which focus on writing CVs and applying for work. The ambition of the candidate is a deciding factor here.

The objectives of the flexible collective outplacement track are:

  • Creating awareness for the upcoming transition
  • Identifying a crossroads in career
  • Creating insight into the labour market and the use of social media
  • Clarifying personal transition
  • Empowering employees individually and collectively to realise change objectives
  • Clearly identifying and securing conditions for personal success
  • Providing insight into personal motivations and talents (blueprint)
  • Individual coaching on CV development and job application issues

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