Hoek Consultants offers exclusive assessment opportunities, customised for assessment and development, using reliable methods and objective standards. Assessments of Hoek Consultants provide clear answers to questions, including development oriented advice. One of our assessment tools is the Talent Scan. Our Talent Scan differs from other analytical methods such as traditional psychological tests by assessing all aspects of the candidate, including:

  • Talents & drivers
  • Behaviour
  • Personality
  • Personal interests
  • Strengths & pitfalls
  • Communication behaviour
  • Ideal working environment
  • Leadership style preference
  • Learning & development style
  • Cognitive capabilities

Our Talent Assessment looks at the often subconscious motivations, which are the basis of talent, skills, behaviour and pitfalls. Practical simulations are left out in our Talent Assessment on purpose because it is difficult to "be yourself" when there is an actor or assessor expecting you to display certain behaviour and putting you under pressure. This creates a false idea of how a person would normally behave in the workplace. Our Talent Scan:

  • is experienced in a different way: pleasant, challenging and above all strikingly accurate!
  • provides insight and confronts, but is always based on talent and never condemns.
  • is used both for selection, assessment and personal development or coaching.

In addition to the Talentscan we also provide online 360 degrees feedback facilities. In close co-operation with the candidate or the client specific focus points are selected and assembled into a complete and extensive online feedback form. After gathering and processing the 360 degrees feedback, a report is written and discussed and evaluated with the candidate and eventually the client. If desired, we can use our assessment expertise to draw up a complete and to the point competency profile, to support the search for the right candidate.


An Assessment provides a clear picture of the capabilities, personality traits and ambitions of a candidate or employee. You will obtain clear and unambiguous advice about the ´fit´ between a candidate and your organisation. This will substantially enhance the probability of making the right decision in the selection procedure.

In the Assessment the potential and the possibilities for further development will also be addressed, so you will be able to fully deploy and enjoy their talents. This is the way to optimise the value from an Assessment and it will enable you to paint a clear and realistic picture of the future of the candidate.

How we work

Hoek Consultants works solely with scientifically supported methods. The appraisals and advice are thorough, reliable and objective. Our methodologies are innovative and largely predictive.

What capabilities, personality traits and ambitions does a candidate have? Do these capabilities match the position for which the candidate wishes to qualify? An assessment offers objective methodology to answer these questions.
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