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Hoek Consultants accepts and fulfills Executive Search assignments for leading organisations -varying in size- that are looking for the best candidates in the top segments of the market.

What our clients have in common is the generally leading position that they have in their field or discipline. They often have a continuous need for talent on key positions. All management disciplines are covered: general, commercial, technical, human resources, financial, right through to responsibilities at the operational level.

Executive Search Approach

For Hoek Consultants each assignment is unique and trust and confidentiality are very important to us. Each assignment therefore starts with an extensive inventory of all relevant aspects. This inventory entails at least: mapping organisational culture, changeability (or lack thereof), collegial relationships, informal networks and decision-making structures and processes. We compile a candidate profile based on the outcome and results. The profile, as approved by the client, is the foundation and starting point for the search assignment.

With the approved candidate profile in hand the research team sets off an internal desk research project. In addition we look at relevant market segments as well as investigate our own respective networks. This is how we map the target group in a highly systematised manner. The most suitable candidates will be approached discreetly and confidentially by us.

In the competency-focused interviews we conduct we pay attention to attitude, motivation, experience, education and specialisms. We immediately recognise the necessary qualities that are present in candidates. We will introduce to you as our client a shortlist of the best candidates and we will guide you through the process until an employment agreement has been put in place with one of the candidates.

Hoek Consultants always evaluates the procedure with the client as well as the performance of the new employee within three to six months after the candidate enters into an employment agreement. It almost goes without saying that all assignments handled by us will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

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