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Hoek Consultants is a specialist in coaching people in their work situation. Professional and personal growth are the main goals in our coaching programme.

Hoek Consultants has various specialist coaching programs for specific target audiences: middle management, executive management, boards and groups. We use solid, scientific methods from the areas of Clinical and Health Psychology and Labour and Organisational Psychology. Each client receives a personalised programme to address his or her own specific needs. 

Our coaches follow the Code of conduct for Executive Coaches.

Training Approach

With the aid of the Talent Assessment, we are able to compile a comprehensive image of the talents and motivations of each individual. This Talent Scan can also be used in group situations.

Hoek Consultants optionally offers Train the Trainer sessions in which HR professionals are facilitated to train managers on people management skills.

Trainings provided by Hoek Consultants are focused on solving problems and conflicts in teams and developing talent in the team.

We here at Hoek Consultants value confidentiality, integrity and professionalism.

After an initial consultation with Hoek Consultants, you will receive a personalised training proposal aimed at addressing your specific needs.

This proposal will include a clear timetable and objectives. These training sessions can be held at the Hoek Consultants offices or anywhere that best fits your needs.

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Executive Coaching Approach

Hoek Consultants focuses on developing human talents.

Coaching by Hoek Consultants makes the individual more self-aware, authentic, autonomous and sensitive to their work environment. In this way the individual obtains more of a 'director' role in his personal development and learns to fully use his own potential. That’s the power of Hoek Consultants.

Hoek Consultants is here to help you recognise your talents, streamline your ambitions and realise your role in society. We can help you develop your strengths and attain your goals.

Executive Development Coaching is intended for executive and non-executive directors who are looking for a sparring partner in the field of strategic development, operations, human capital or other important business decisions.

Management Development Coaching involves coaching leaders at middle and management levels. Our objective here is to discover and develop talents and competencies. We also facilitate the development of general management skills including developing personal strengths and weaknesses.

Burnout Coaching is for all managers and executives who wish to replenish energy and optimism to maximise optimal performance. With techniques from Labour, Health and Sport Psychology we provide the best solutions for strengthening mental and physical resilience. If you are experiencing burnout symptoms, wish to avoid development of a burnout or need to address continuous high stress levels, it is important to identify and determine preventative measures swiftly. Within maximum privacy boundaries we develop a tailor-made programme that offers you the key to success.

Expat Coaching is a specialised way of coaching aimed at expatriates who have to adapt to Dutch culture and the new work environment. Hoek Consultants provides support and feedback from a scientific point of view.

Team Development Coaching focuses on management teams and boards that require support in their development process with the goal of becoming a (more) successful team. This includes helping to resolve pre-existing issues.

Team coaching focuses on cooperation, interaction and feedback. Common themes are:

  • Decisions about a specific topic
  • Discussing fixed beliefs and attitudes
  • Dealing with conflicts or a crisis of confidence within the team

Working in teams is an increasingly important skill. Many organisations are changing from a line structure to a process or project structure. The result is that you and your staff constantly work in teams of different composition. Think of steering, control and project groups. To lead and inspire a team, often of temporary nature, requires specific leadership qualities. We can help you strengthen your leadership skills and enhance group cohesion.

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