Susanne van Vugt BASc


“We achieve more when we chase the dream instead of the competition.” – Simon Sinek

People are the core of every organisation. While systems and structures are essential, it is the people within an organisation that can bring about real change. In her work, Susanne focuses on contributing to a successful and future-proof organisation as well as creating an environment where people can grow and feel motivated and valued.

With a Business Administration background and a healthy dose of curiosity, Susanne reviews various organisational matters. She strives for a balance between essential, but often considered ‘hard’ aspects of an organization – structures, systems, and strategy – and the sometimes overlooked ‘soft’ elements, such as people, leadership, and culture. She integrates people-oriented and process-oriented elements to take a holistic view of organisations. This allows Susanne to translate encountered challenges into pragmatic solutions, while connection with people and an eye for different interests are essential to her approach.

To further her Business Administration education, Susanne started the MScBA Master in Management at the Rotterdam School of Management in 2023. As an Insights Discovery Licensed Practitioner, Susanne uses Insights Discovery for Leadership Development programs and in individual conversations. Within Hoek Consultants, Susanne is involved in Leadership Development, Executive Search and Interim Management, and initiatives aimed at internal optimization and innovation.


“Because Susanne quickly sees connections, she asks thoughtful questions and reflects, making her a valuable conversation partner.”

“Susanne has a sharp ability to observe the connections and interactions between people. She knows how to identify behaviour on the spot and create a framework in which this can be discussed safely. She shows a high degree of style flexibility and adaptability to the situation.”