Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Supply Chain &
Logistics Management

Organisations deal with growing competition, critical clients, and a growing pressure on sustainability. Quick adaptation to developments and changing demands play a big role in this. The Supply Chain Director or Manager plays an important role in keeping up with these developments and changing demands. Flexibility, digitalization, and sustainability are currently important themes within these issues.

The Supply Chain Director or Manager fulfils, more often, a facilitating role, where great information provision is essential. From a direction function, the Supply Chain Director or Manager takes care of connection and affiliation between different internal departments. Creating structures, process optimisation, automation, and data collection is part of this. This function also has an external focus, as with creating an overview of the whole chain and the making of conscious choices for chain partners.

The choice of a Supply Chain and Logistics Director or Manager is an important one. One that helps determine the future of your company. We believe a successful match goes beyond having the required experience and competencies. That is why we look at organisations and candidates from a different perspective. We truly believe listening is vital. Because: we value the art of active observation and keen listening.