Human Capital

Human Capital includes all the knowledge, expertise and skills of employees in an organisation. Investing in human capital is essential for building a successful and future-proof organisation.

Hoek Consultants offers services in three areas focused on managing and investing in Human Capital. Finding the right candidate for a position within your organisation or by investing in the personal and professional development of executives, management or directors. Both on individual basis (through coaching) and team basis (through Leadership Development programmes). These services can be offered in an interconnected way, in combination with a custom-made programme, or separately.

Leadership Development & Governance

Are there dysfunctional processes that hinder achieving your strategic goals? Or do you want to take a next step in leadership or organisational development? Hoek Consultants offers tailor-made Leadership Development programmes for executive teams and management. We are experienced in advice and support in matters relating to Governance, such as the self-evaluation of a Supervisory Board.

Executive Coaching & Outplacement

As a director, executive, or manager, you may have questions about professional growth or personal development at some point in your career. Based on your question, we provide a fit for purpose coaching or outplacement programme. In this programme, we focus on your own situation and aim at developing talents and competencies. Trust, open communication and mutual respect are essential in these programmes.

Executive Search & Interim Management

The choices that are made when selecting a candidate for a management or director role, a board member (executive or non-executive), have a direct impact on your organisation. Since 1983, Hoek Consultants has been advising and helping organisations making the right choice. Our approach is personal, active, and independent in which sustainable and long-lasting relationships with both clients and candidates are central.