Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Open conversations about leadership and shared goals are rare in most management teams. When leaders shape their leadership individually and mainly pursue their personal goals, this may lead to confusion. As a result, the organisation loses decisiveness and recognisability. So, there is enough reason to invest in leadership with a shared vision.

Also, organisations are constantly evolving. Innovation and change essential to be future-proof and remain relevant in the coming years. This evolution can be shaped by developing new strategies, composing new teams, and introducing new concepts and working methods. 

Hoek Consultants guides and supports organisations with leadership and organisational development with tailor-made programmes. 

Leadership Development Programme 

In a Leadership Development Programme of Hoek Consultants, we address the following questions: How well equipped is the management team for the future? Are your managers the role models for your employees? What distinguishes leadership in your company? And what is essential in leadership in your context?

Through critical analysis, we map out which leadership needs may exist in the organisation. Based on these needs, we develop a tailor-made leadership programme. 

Next Step Programme 

Our Next Step programme focuses, among other things, on developing and implementing a strategy and vision. And the translation of this strategy into daily activities. Themes for a Next Step programme can be effective cooperation within a new team, organising a new working method, communication between departments, or mapping out a new course for the organisation. 

Consultancy and organisational advice 

In organisations, dysfunctional processes or crucial moments can arise, preventing you from executing your strategy. Examples are stalled negotiations, obstacles in the strategy implementation, temporary irritations at an individual, team or divisional level, or succession for family businesses. In close collaboration with our client, we map out which obstacles have arisen. Based on this, we design a programme with the right interventions at individual, team, and organisational levels. We focus on dysfunctional processes without changing the DNA and cultural values of the organisation.