Executive Search

Executive Search

Selecting the right candidate for a board or management position is of crucial importance. A decision with an impact on the future of your organisation. We believe that a successful match has more to it than simply a match on required experience and competencies. That is why we have a different view on organisations and candidates and believe listening is paramount in our work. Because our motto is: ‘We value the art of active observation and keen listening’. 

A cultural connection between the candidate and the organisation is essential for a successful match. That is why we look further than the professional experience of a candidate. Personality, motives, and beliefs make the difference. We call this the 3 P’s: Professionalism, Personality, and Passion. 

Executive Search: The procedure

1. Introduction and Orientation

In collaboration with the client, we carefully map out the needs and details of the vacant position. In one or more conversations we discuss the organisation, culture, objectives, and position. Based on these conversations, we compose a clear candidate profile.

2. Executive Search

With a focused, discreet, and personal approach, we reach out to potential candidates. Both via our network and by using social networks and direct search. If necessary and desired, targeted advertising can be a useful tool in the Executive Search procedure. We advise the client about the most suitable approach.

3. Candidate interviews

Candidates that are interested in the position are invited for an interview in which we discuss their ambitions and motives. In this interview, we also give room for reflection and questions. Together we investigate how this position would fit in their career path and whether the candidate would fit in the organization.

4. Candidate introduction

Candidates are assessed on their experience and competencies, personality, and motivation for the position. We make a selection of suitable candidates and present them to the client. In close consultation When the client wants to invite candidates for an interview, we take care of the administration and planning of this process. We supervise the interviews and give advice when necessary. This way, clients can optimally focus on selecting the right candidate.

5. Onboarding and evaluation

After the successful completion of the Executive Search procedure, we evaluate the process with the client and candidate. We remain involved in the onboarding through personal contact with the client and candidate.