Executive Coaching & Outplacement

Executive Coaching
& Outplacement

Are you looking for someone to consult about important developments in business? Do you want to discover and develop your talents and competencies? Do you have questions about challenges within your team or organisation? Is there a need for Outplacement? Our certified Executive Coaches are ready to guide you in your situation and questions. Professional and personal growth are central to our customised approach. 

The essence of coaching is the development of human talents. Our coaching focuses on more self-awareness, authenticity, autonomy, and sensitivity to the specific context you find yourself in. This results in more control over personal development and the full use of one’s potential. 

Our Executive Coaching approach
Depending on your question and/or challenge, we develop a tailor-made coaching programme. At the heart of this programme are scientific methods from Clinical & Health Psychology and Work & Organisational Psychology. Themes that are addressed in the coaching can include leadership, relationship with the manager and/or colleagues, empathy, sensitivity, communication, flexibility, and interpersonal dynamics.

Our coaches comply with the Ashridge Code of Conduct for Executive Coaches


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