Board (Executive & Non-Executive)

Board (Executive &

The ‘tone at the top’ will determine the future of the organisation. An organisation can effectively implement its objectives in an environment where a well-functioning interplay between supervision, board, organisation, and society is present. This interplay requires board members that can perform at a high level. Making the right choice here is essential. 

Through years of experience with multinationals, family businesses, and SMEs Hoek Consultants is a powerful sparring partner for boards and supervisory bodies. Whether recruiting a new non-executive board member or setting up an Advisory Board. Through years of experience and an extensive network, Hoek Consultants properly identifies the question, provides appropriate advice, and brings all this together to a fitting match with the competencies and composition of governing and supervisory bodies.

Choosing supervisors and directors is of crucial importance. One that helps determine the future of your company. We believe a successful match goes beyond having the required experience and competencies. That is why we look at organisations and candidates from a different perspective. We truly believe listening is vital. Because: we value the art of active observation and keen listening.