Hoek Consultants provides Assessments for various organisations. We offer Selection and Development Assessments. We offer a wide range of (online) Assessments, which we always combine with an in-depth personal interview. The report is discussed individually with the candidate and explained in a personal conversation. For Assessments, for example, we use the HOGAN Leadership forecast series or the TMA-method (Talents Motivation Analysis).

Our accredited Executive Coaches offer a combination of organisational perspectives and personal attention to the candidate in order to advise on the right match or development opportunities. We pay attention to the candidate’s competencies and the connection between the candidate and the organisational context.

We can create an insightful competency profile for specific positions in order to facilitate selection of the right candidate. One of our assessment options is the Talent Motivation Analysis (TMA-method). The Talent Motivation Analysis distinguishes itself from other analysis methods, such as classic psychological tests, by looking at all aspects of your candidate in a structured manner. The aspects include:

  • Talents & motivations 
  • Behaviour
  • Personality
  • Interests
  • Strengths & pitfalls
  • Communication
  • Ideal working environment
  • Preference in management
  • Learning and development style
  • Cognitive abilities 


In addition to HOGAN and TMA, we offer customised 360-degree feedback online. In consultation with the candidate or client, we choose areas of attention for an extensive online feedback form. The 360-degree feedback report is then discussed with the candidate and (possibly) with the client.